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About Andrew Lipian

"...[we must] unify, listening to each other again and bridging deep divides with dignity and respect..." - Andrew Lipian

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Andrew Lipian was born to Henry and Barbara Lipian and raised in Grafton, OH. In 2015 Andrew, his wife Melinda, and their son, were some of the first Millennial families settling in Elyria. They have since had two girls, and fell in love with the city. Andrew graduated from Midview High School, received his B.A. from Oberlin College, and his Master's Degree from the University of Michigan. Though, if there is any question where his allegiance lies, he named the family dog "Buckeye." 


Andrew Lipian was sworn into the Ohio Air National Guard in 2010 by his Father, Henry P. Lipian, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran of Operation Desert Storm. With 13 years of service, Lipian attained the rank of Master Sergeant, and is a veteran of several military deployments in the Middle East. Currently, Lipian serves in the Office of The Inspector General, the department charged with intaking and investigating allegations of waste, fraud, and abuse in the U.S. Air Force.


In his civilian life, Lipian is the Economic Development Coordinator for Lorain County, is a Board Member for Lorain County Children Services, the Seniors RSVP Program, the Lorain County Bicentennial Committee, the Northeast Ohio Area-Wide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), and more. He has been Program Manager for the Lorain Palace Civic Center, and previously directed the Midview High School Theater Department. As an accomplished and professional singer, dancer, and director, Lipian has performed, directed, and choreographed countless shows throughout the country, winning several awards for his work. 


Andrew Lipian is a staunch defender of Freedom of Speech, and of the importance of listening to one another. He engages in open, respectful dialogue to solve the many problems facing our society. 


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