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Andrew Lipian studied Video Game Music Composition at the University of Michigan, where he achieved his Master's of Music (M.M.) from the University in the Spring of 2019.
During Andrew's time at University, he was one of a select few awarded with a scholarship from the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G), of which he is a member of the Advisory Board, to attend the Game Developer's Conference (GDC 2018). This special honor afforded him the privilege of being mentored by award-winning composer Adam Gubman, as well as Lipian's winning piece, "Face The Fight," being featured in the Convention's Demo Derby.
In addition to writing the scores to several mobile games, including "Gunrazor" and "Triple Attack" (MAX Gaming) and Abaca Game's "10 Degrees," Lipian has garnered attention for his effortless melodic style, creative impulse, and passion to fit music seamlessly into the gaming experience. Lipian has also written a Choral work, "Hallelujah, Yesu Yuhai!" set to be performed by the Midview High School Senior Choir.